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Acceptable Use Policy

Our Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) 

At Finley AI (INATIGO), our core mission revolves around safety. We are dedicated to creating a secure ecosystem where users can responsibly and confidently access our financial services and products. Our commitment extends to ensuring that this interaction is both genuinely valuable and characterised by sincerity.

Our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) defines several prohibited uses for Finley AI’s products and services to ensure safe, fair, and legal interactions. Violations of these prohibitions can lead to adjustments in user settings, suspension of service access, and/or legal action if necessary.  The current version was last revised on 5 January 2024.

Here are the categories of prohibited uses:

  1. Finance-related fraudulent content:

We strictly deny the use of our products and services to support, encourage, or conduct any form of fraudulent financial activities. This includes, but is not limited to:

a) Creating or handling content that involves scams or phishing.

b) Utilisation of our platform to compromise the security or acquire unauthorised access to any financial systems or networks. This breach of security includes actions like spoofing, password cracking, creating or spreading computer viruses, and similar activities.

c) Misappropriation, illegal sharing, or illicit use of confidential financial data. It is forbidden to share or use any such information without the owner’s explicit consent.

Content violating privacy rights:

  1. Respecting privacy rights as per applicable privacy laws is necessary for all interactions involving or using our products and services. Unauthorised exposure, sharing, or misuse of a person’s private data is not compliant with our policy.

Deceptive content:

  1. Any use of our products or services to create and distribute inaccurate, false, or misleading data or  financial data is strictly prohibited. We aim to promote honest and transparent financial dealings and expect all users to uphold these standards.

Content involving illegal activities:

  1. The use of our products and services to encourage, support, provide instructions for, or directly engage in illegal activities or crimes, whether financial or otherwise, is expressly forbidden.

Psychologically or emotionally harmful content:

  1. We prohibit utilising our services to financially exploit, defraud, manipulate, or cause any form of harm—emotional, psychological, or financial—to individuals or organisations. Financial pressure tactics, predatory lending or investment schemes, deceptive marketing, and any other form of financial manipulation intended to cause harm fall under this prohibition. We strive to promote an ethical and respectful financial environment.

Unsolicited Bulk Communications (SPAM):

  1. The generation or distribution of unwanted or excessive electronic communications, commonly known as spam, is not permitted through our product and service provisions. We aim to uphold a user-friendly and clutter-free digital environment.

Protection of Minors:

  1. We unequivocally disallow any content that poses harm or exploitation towards minors. It is non-permissible to involve or generate content affiliated with underage abuse or exploitation. Stern legal action, carried out in conjunction with governmental authorities, would succeed any breach of this regulation.

Impersonation and Disinformation:

  1. Impersonating humans or machines, and generating or distributing false or misleading information outside the context of  data or financial data, is strictly banned. Activities that attempt to mislead users into incorrect beliefs or actions fall under this prohibited use.

Exploit of Highly Regulated Goods or Services:

  1. Our platform should not be utilised in connection with illegal or highly regulated goods or services beyond just financial activities. This includes human trafficking, armaments, dangerous substances, or any other system or service regulated under jurisdictional laws.

Explicit and Improper Content:

  1. We have a blanket prohibition on creating, distributing, or facilitating any sexually explicit or inappropriate content via our network. This encompasses any nature of content that excessively narrates or represents sexually explicit scenarios or conversations.

Hateful or Violent Conduct:

  1. Threatening, violent, discriminatory, or any other forms of intimidating content or behaviour are not entertained under our provision of services. This extends to content that could incite violence or discrimination or harm individuals or communities based on their protected attributes.

AI Model Training Prohibition:

  1. We disallow the utilisation of queries and responses facilitated by our platform for any purpose of artificial intelligence training, commonly referred to as “model scraping”. This prohibition safeguards against malpractices in artificial intelligence development and usage.

Prohibited Business Use Cases:

Should your enterprise integrate our tools and services as part of your offerings in the realm of legal, medical, or financial advice to consumers, we necessitate the institution of certain distinct safety measures. These steps have been curated with the intent to ensure the highest standard of safety, superior quality, and uncompromising compliance within these essential fields.


At Finley AI, we uphold the importance of human involvement in content generated using our tools and services. Any content intended for consumer consumption as part of offering legal, medical, or financial advice outside of (financial guidance) must undergo review by a qualified professional in the respective field before it is delivered to customers. This requirement ensures the high quality, accuracy, appropriateness, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

For instance, if you are utilising our products to generate financial advice, it is essential that a qualified financial adviser reviews the advice before it is provided to a client. This review process ensures that the advice meets the necessary standards in terms of accuracy, suitability, and compliance with financial laws and regulations. The involvement of a human expert adds a layer of professional expertise that rectifies any potential AI-driven errors, enhances the overall quality of the output, and maintains the integrity of the respective field.

By incorporating human review into the content generation process, we emphasise the importance of upholding high-quality standards and ensuring that our products and services align with industry best practices. This human element serves as a safeguard, providing assurance to both businesses and their customers that the information provided is reliable, trustworthy, and tailored to their specific needs.


Transparency is key when using our services. Clients must be informed that you’re using our AI tools to inform your decisions or recommendations. This disclosure maintains transparency and establishes the client’s right to know the involvement of AI in the process.

AI Interaction Disclosure:

For automated services where external clients or users directly interact with our products, such as finance chatbots, it is necessary to disclose that users are communicating with an AI, not a human. This transparency establishes appropriate expectations for the interaction and maintains an honest and ethical relationship with customers.

Reporting Mechanism:

We highly value the safety and well-being of our users and encourage the reporting of any violations of our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). If you come across any prohibited activities or content, we have established a reporting mechanism to ensure swift action is taken.

To report any violations of the AUP, please send an email to This email address is dedicated to handling AUP-related concerns and reports. We take every report seriously and investigate each case thoroughly.

We prioritise the confidentiality and protection of users who report violations of the AUP. Your identity and information will be treated with utmost care and kept confidential, where permitted by law. We also strictly prohibit any form of retaliation against users who report in good faith.

Your reports play an essential role in helping us maintain a safe and secure environment for all users. We appreciate your contribution to upholding the standards outlined in our AUP.

By complying with these additional requirements, businesses can ensure safe, fair, and transparent usage of our tools and services, upholding the highest standards of professionalism and customer trust.

Together, we can ensure the responsible and confident use of our financial services and products.

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