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WealthTech100 2024 List Includes INATIGO and Finley AI

WealthTech100 2024: Finley AI Named Among the Prestigious Companies for 2024

WealthTech100 2024We are proud to announce that INATIGO and their flagship solution Finley AI has been recognised as one of the world’s most innovative WealthTech companies, making it to the prestigious WealthTech100 list for 2024.

The WealthTech 100 is an annual compilation of the world’s most pioneering companies that are reshaping the wealth and asset management industries. Presented by FinTech Global, the list is a vital resource for leaders in investment firms, private banks, and financial advising sectors seeking to adapt through digital innovation.

From a comprehensive pool of over 1,300 companies reviewed by a panel of analysts and industry experts, Finley AI has been selected for its groundbreaking contributions to the wealth management industry. Our inclusion underscores our commitment to leveraging artificial intelligence in financial services to enhance wealth management practices and deliver unparalleled client experiences.

"Our commitment to developing Finley, our AI-enabled financial agent, manifests in our dedication to research, regulatory compliance, and a deep understanding of the financial market’s needs." -- The Founders of Finley AI.

Critical Selection Criteria

The Advisory Board and the FinTech Global team considered a comprehensive range of factors to determine the final selection of the WealthTech 100, ensuring that only truly innovative and impactful companies made the list. These criteria included industry significance, growth and market engagement, innovation of technology solution, client impact potential, and executive relevancy.

WealthTech100 2024 INATIGO & Finley AI named

Why INATIGO & Finley AI was Selected as a WealthTech100 Company

A pivotal reason behind INATIGO & Finley AI’s inclusion in the WealthTech100 list is its ability to accelerate the integration of financial generative AI across financial, asset and wealth management services through the innovative Finley AI Financial AI Agent. Our AI agent solution, celebrated for its privacy focus and sophisticated capabilities, facilitates intuitive conversational interactions and provides deep financial insights. It is purposefully designed to empower financial firms with AI-powered solutions that enhance both front-end and back-end operations, significantly improving customer engagement and organisational productivity.

Supercharging Financial Solutions

The potential applications for our Financial AI Agent API in finance are extensive, making Finley AI a key player in the financial domain. It underpins critical roles such as investment co-pilots and research co-pilots, enriching the capabilities of investment offerings, asset management operations, ERP solutions, and financial project management tools, while also serving as a dynamic financial coach.

Our technology provides conversational access to real-time financial data, fostering rapid, well-founded decision-making and supporting secure, sophisticated engagements.

Central to our recognition is Finley AI’s proprietary Financial AI Agent API for Finance, which significantly elevates the sophistication of AI financial capabilities available in the market. This API sets new standards by enabling real-time, secure, and personalised interactions that support informed decision-making, benefiting users with the insights needed to make educated financial decisions.

Finley AI equips institutions with the means to deliver more adaptive and intelligently automated financial solutions, thus revolutionising financial service interactions and operational efficiencies. On the client-facing side, Finley AI creates a seamless and engaging experience with real-time, personalised financial insights, enhancing client satisfaction.

Meanwhile, on the operational side, it automates data analysis and streamlines processes, which improves decision-making speed, accuracy, and compliance, leading to a more unified approach in managing both internal processes and external client services.

As Finley AI continues to evolve, it secures the future of financial institutions at the forefront of financial innovation, ready to adapt to market shifts and regulatory changes, paving the way towards a more efficient and forward-thinking financial landscape.

A Look into WealthTech100 2024

The WealthTech100 list for 2024, curated and launched by FinTech Global, highlights the companies at the forefront of tackling the most pressing challenges and unlocking new opportunities in the wealth management arena.

This year’s selection emphasises the importance of modernising wealth management to cater to the expectations of a digitally-savvy clientele, signalling a significant shift towards more agile, user-centric financial services.

Richard Sachar, director at FinTech Global, emphasised the critical role innovative technology plays in meeting the evolving demands of the younger, tech-forward generation. The WealthTech 100 list serves as a guide for the industry, showcasing leading vendors and illustrating how advanced technologies, especially AI, are integral to the future of investment practices.

Finley AI: Financial Generative AI Agent

About Finley AI

At Finley AI, we are passionate about transforming financial services through the power of artificial intelligence. Our commitment to developing Finley, our AI-enabled financial agent, manifests in our dedication to research, regulatory compliance, and a deep understanding of the financial market’s needs.

By empowering financial firms with our AI solutions, we not only enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations but also significantly improve the client service experience.

Finley AI signifies a leap towards a future where client experiences and internal productivity management are more conversational, accessible, and  insightful.

For further information about our innovative work and our recognition in the WealthTech 100 2024 list, visit our website and download the full WealthTech 100 list at

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